Father’s Day Macaron 6-Pack


This Father’s Day, give him a tie he’ll really want – a burgundy bow tie wrapped around a box of delicious French macarons. You heard me, we’re putting REAL satin bow ties on macaron boxes because we’re just that extra. (And hey, if all else fails, you can just give him the tie and keep the macarons for yourself.)

Each box will contain six of the manliest macarons the world has ever seen, including:

🔥 Two Ron Swansons (translation: two Maple & Bacon macarons)
🔥 Two Chuck Norrises (translation: two Salted Caramel & Bourbon macarons)
🔥 and two Bear Gryllses (translation: two S’mores macarons)

Each box is only $14 plus tax and comes with free delivery within the Maumelle city limits. We’ll deliver to homes. We’ll deliver to work places. We’ll deliver to street corners. So, get those orders in now because you for sure don’t want to miss out!